Thursday, March 20, 2014

RevitDamus Ponders The Future | LARUG March 2014

Thursday, March 27 at 6:00 PM (Yes, the real date/time ;-)
We at LARUG do like whenever RevitDamus, seer of seers comes by each year to spin tales of the future...Come on by and see what is in store for your future(s).

Monday, February 17, 2014

LARUG Live!!! | Wednesday, February 19th 2014 | 6pm

Wednesday February 19th, 6pm 2014
It's happening!!!

Models, Contracts, Deliverables, Data Fidelity and Oh So Much More!!!

More awesome macros and addons ;-)

So come to interact, network and learn with and from Matthew Miller Project Manager with GRG Group; Troy Gates, Mazzetti's BIM Director and Jay Zallan, now BIM Director with Harley Ellis Devereaux in Los Angeles.

The firm of AC Martin and Elisa de Dios, BIM Manager/Production Coordinator are to host LARUG this month!!! YAAY, Thanks!!!

The AC Martin office is in the Citibank building, DTLA. 

Let security know that you are here for LARUG and they will let you up to the floor.
FWIW:  parking in the building is expensive, so park elsewhere :-)

Monday, January 13, 2014

@LARUG January 2014 | New Year Kickoff

Happy New year all,

Time to put away the holiday trimmings ;-)

LARUG is back from the break and will be back at it bringing the Revit, BIM goods, so come on by and help drive the ship!!!

Presentations to be announced live this month, See you there! (-Shhh don't tell Troy but we will be updating the group on our Addon efforts, maybe even share the completed 3D Grid tool...also we will discuss Revit/BIM pain and success points as well as open our plans for the year to come and get vital input from the group at large (you))

@LARUG January 2014 | New Year Kickoff
Wednesday, January 15 at 6:00 PM
RTKL Associates Inc
333 South Hope Street
Los Angeles, CA 90071

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hey LARUGgers, You Tweet Yet? | Either way We Can Dimension to Text | Kinda

In case you missed this, it seems to have resonated with literally a few folks around the globe ;-D
-Thanks to Erik for getting the conversation going!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

@LARUG October 2013 | Site, Landscape, Scale, Morph [& More]

  3D Grids In Revit | An Oldie Redone
  Modeling Topographic Sites In Revit: Hardscape And Softscape
  Scale & Morph In Revit

Architects, Landscape Architects, Designers, Engineers, Content Creators: You will not want to miss this month’s LARUG presentations, to be held in the LA office of Leo A Daly high atop DTLA 6 pm, Wednesday Oct. 16th, 2013 at: Leo a Daly'S office at 550 South Hope Street, 27th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90071. RSVP is a must for security.

This month's opening act | Jay Zallan will be explaining the workings of a 3D Grid. This presentation will become a video companion (to this blog post) will show the inner workings of content development, how you too can begin to create evolutionarily-complex content.

This month's main event | Marcello Sgambelluri will be presenting major portions of the two classes he's to be teaching at Autodesk University (AU2013) in December.

1a Hardscape 'Following' Softscape (Recap to prepare for 1b)
His first topic will show how to build hardscape elements that follow the exact shape and contour of any site topography element.

1b Softscape 'Following' Hardscape
Then he will be teaching us how to model site topography to match the exact shape and contour of any site hardscape element.

2 Scale | Morph
The next topics will cover how to scale any family in Revit, by applying some quite simple scaling principles actually; followed by applying similar concepts to create metamorphic Revit families... Thus Morph. It will become clear that scale and morph are principally the same phenomenon.

See you there early and remember to RSVP, as we need those names for the security desk!

Tell your friends! Get out to LARUG to learn, network and bring your best...! See you there!

Monday, September 30, 2013

@TroyGates Promises | (He &) LARUG Deliver: Macros That Is

As promised during the (now) recorded session (that you can watch, but start in, at about 30 minutes or so, just after the count-down clock) from This September Session of the Los Angeles Revit Users Group meeting; all about getting going creating Macros in Revit. 

Hit Troy's OP, by (OMG, as if you don't know already) clicking the image ;-)

Check back to catch the individual posts he will be adding there (and probably here too :-)

He posted a bunch of resource links that if you don't already use them START NOW!!!


The Consortium | Building | Information | Management

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

@LARUG September 2013 | Macro Creation in Revit

Summer is ending but:
LARUG will warm you up with Macro Programming for (and IN) Revit!

The Consortium's own Troy Gates will show us how to program macros inside of Revit, to automate tasks and boost effectiveness with an overview of the processes as well as giving us a walk-through of some scripts he's you can too!!!

This is sure to generate great interactions so bring your participation hats ;-)

Live Location:
RTKL Associates Inc
333 South Hope Street
Los Angeles, CA 90071 
Live Streaming on the Interwebz:
Link is now Posted RIGHT HERE and will be live about 6:20 pm, Wednesday, September 25th 2013 :-) We will also embedd the live stream (then recorded copy below)!!!

BTW: Marcello was kind enough to take time to finally ;-) send me the Hardscaping Topo Handout and let me tell you, it is surely worth the wait!!! You can get it directly from this post (by clicking this :-)!!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Leading The Way | Hardscape Following Revit Topographies

This past April Marcello Sgambelluri previewed a session he presented at RTCNA 2013 and since that's all over with; as promised here is the VIDEO LINK...or use the embedded version below!

The handout will be added just as soon as we get the final copy [Edit 09/18/2-13} is now available for us all, By Clicking Here, as well as using the embedded pdf (below the video in this post)! [End Edit].

Can hardly wait til his Modeling Simply Complex Topographies

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Marcello at Portland's PDXrug | Gotta Share The R.U.G. Love

Need we say more? Thanks to PDXrug for...well...PDXrug!!!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Peering Into The: BIM FUTURES 2013 | USC School of Architecture Annual BIM symposium

Hey LA and anyone in town July 15th & 16th, who want to see some of the insights that will be discussed on the future of BIM... Not THIS BIM: Unknowing courtesy:


"The annual BIM symposium at USC School of Architecture, BIM FUTURES 2013, is two weeks away.  This year there are two days of excellent presentations!   

Monday, July 15th – presentations from thought leaders from many universities and Tuesday, July 16th, case studies from building industry professionals: architects, engineers, and contractors.  

 Space is limited – sign up today!  

 For a list of speakers and to register, please visit"

"The Seventh Annual BIM Symposium on Building Information Modeling:
Views from the Academy and the Profession

Conference coordinators:  Karen Kensek,, and Douglas Noble
 (website last updated 26 June 2013 – NOT DONE YET!)

BIM Futures 2013 will be held July 15th and 16th at the University of Southern California and is sponsored by the School of Architecture, the Chase L. Leavitt Master of Building Science Program. I am sorry for the primitive website, but I don’t have time to make it graphically compelling although I will keep it updated with current information.

This symposium will focus on the future of BIM, both from academic and professional viewpoints. Past events have quickly sold out; don’t wait until the last minute to register.  Each day will have about 10 – 15 speakers discussing the role, implementation, and future of building information modeling.  The current list of confirmed speakers is listed below.

HP.jpg  GS-ArchiCAD-white.png

REGISTER HERE  (please remember that there are NO REFUNDS!)

Early bird registration is $10 for Monday, $25 for Tuesday. We CANNOT refund anything that you pay for on the website.  Really.  But you can send someone else instead – just have him/her check-in with the name that was registered.

Register separately for each day.  Yes, there is a small fee for each day – we noticed that if we don’t charge something some people sign up and then forget to show up or cancel thus preventing others who wanted to attend from coming.  We have a limited amount of spaces based on the size of the available lecture hall.

Monday, July 15th – Academic View  

Tuesday, July 16th – Professional View

The final complete schedule with the order of the speakers will be posted a week before the symposium.  Each day will go from approximately 8 am – 4:30 pm.

Monday, July 15th – Academic View – Thought Leaders of BIM

REGISTER HERE  (please remember that there are NO REFUNDS!)

Current list of confirmed speakers and affiliation.

Chandler Ahrens, Washington University, St. Louis, and Aaron Sprecher, McGill University, Engine of inFormation: Big data from small buildings

Mark Clayton, Texas A&M University, Learning with BIM: Architectural Concepts Embodied in Software

Peggy Deamer, Yale University, BIM, Marx, and Immaterial Labor

Stephen Hagan FAIA, Hagan Technologies LLC, AIA TAP

Anton Harfmann, University of Cincinnati

Timothy Hemsath, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Conceptual Energy Modeling:  Impact of Using Building Performance Simulation in Early Design Stages

Brian Johnson, University of Washington, One BIM to Rule Them All:  Future Reality or Myth?

Henry Johnstone, University of Arizona

Calvin Kam, Stanford University, CIFE

Karen Kensek, University of Southern California, BIM +10:  a Journey to the Future

Vallie Miranda, Texas A&M University, Architectural Programming in BIM

Murali Paranandi, Miami University, Ohio, Conceptual Information Modeling:  Fostering Creativity Through Transmedia Workflows

Paola Sanguinetti, Kansas University

Dennis Shelden

Hugo Sheward, Georgia Institute of Technology, Knowledge Based Building Information Modeling

Andrzej Zarzycki, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Tuesday, July 16th – Professional View – Case Studies

REGISTER HERE  (please remember that there are NO REFUNDS!)

Current list of confirmed firms and speakers.

(list is almost complete – update the information with all the firms and speakers)


Buro Happold: Kurt Komraus and Sarah David

CO Architects: Jenna Knudsen

Gensler: Reg Prentice

HDR: Matt Goldsberry

Hensel Phelps

HGA with TITAN AEC: Jonathan Bartling (HGA), Blaine Grantham (Titan AEC), TJ Tutay (Titan AEC)

HMC: Yunnan Allen

Morphosis: Kerenza Harris

Thornton Tomasetti: Jonatan Schumacher

Turner Construction Company: Viktor Bullain and Rocio Gonzalez"